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Evergreen Inks

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The transparent base is a clear ink formulated to be tinted with pigments for the artistic effect desired.

Value and color intensity can be developed with multiple color layers. A transparent layer will affect the coloration of lower layers just as the lower layers will affect an upper color layer.

“The object of art is not to  reproduce reality,  but to create  a reality of the same intensity.”   Alberto Giacometti

A relief ink designed for the artist in every printmaker.

Evergreen Ink is a low odor transparent base relief ink designed to be tinted with pigment pastes, allowing an artist to create an unlimited range of unique color combinations.

The ink offers solvent and oil free clean up of rollers, blocks and palette with non-toxic wipes for clean oil free surfaces and a healthier studio environment.

The Pigments Pastes

The pigment pastes are stable, light-fast and non-toxic. Using the high strength pigments to tint the transparent base ink, an artist can create an endless array of colors.

The pigment emulsions will mix safely into either oil or water- based mediums, which means they can be added to rice paste for moku hanga or oil-based Evergreen Inks.

Benefits Of Use

Dry Pigments

The transparent inks can easily be tinted with a dry pigment for a more opaque result. The dry pigment is mulled into the ink base in small quantities to supplement the pigment pastes. Caution must be used when working with a dry pigment.   

Visit the Reference Page for tutorials on mixing colors and using the ink.

Where to Purchase

Evergreen Ink is available from Evergreen Inks or through the DCArtPress Bookstore

Artisan Materials EXPO

Evergreen Inks is on the shelves at the Artisan EXPO in Santa Fe.

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Evergreen Inks

What is Transparent Base Ink?

Fill out the form to receive a color chart brochure. The chart give basic color mixes using the transparent ink base tinted with the pigment pastes.

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